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FOOTNOTE - Following the loading of this video I have been asked why it is that we will not carry out repairs to other brands of motors. The answer is that we will carry out service and repairs to all "known brands". These brands have availability of parts in Australia and most professional installers can access the parts and will be willing to provide the service. We now have in Australia many "No Brand" motors available for purchase online via EBay etc. Most of these motors are designed as "throw away" items and parts never were available. The only advice I can offer is to stay with known brands of which there are many available in this country and some at exceptional prices. In fact good gate automation has never been cheaper in this country and we are now spoilt for choice.
One last thing. A few of the world leading brands have tried to compete with the cheaper Asian copies by introducing a "simplified range" under another name. Personally they are not much better than the copies and best avoided. How to spot them? If someone promotes there brand as "Xxxxx manufactured by world leader Yyyyy" then you can be pretty sure you are being offered the simplified product.