Automatic Gate Agents Required

We need agents all over Australia to satisfy our customer enquiry. Start or add to your existing business.

There are opportunities available all over Australia with new agencies and exclusive territory available. Automatic Solutions is much more than a retailer of gates, automation and access equipment, we are about people and more importantly helping people to grow and develop.

Every day somewhere in your area or region there is probably someone looking to purchase and/or have installed some of our products. To service the request our main branch showrooms support agents operating in many regional areas and we are constantly looking for more agents to service this vast country.


  • No Cost - There are no initial or ongoing charges or fees involved with being an Automatic Solutions agent. All setup and operational costs are paid for by Automatic Solutions Australia and the supporting branch office. Essentially all you need to do is apply yourself and work within our simple framework.
  • Largest Product Range In Australia - You have immediate access to Australia's largest and most complete product range at prices equal to and better than the best volume wholesale in the country. Simply put you make profit on product.
  • Advertising & Marketing Exposure - Immediate access to the largest advertising and marketing campaign in this industry in Australia and you don't pay a cent. You read right - not a cent.
  • A National Brand - You are part of a national brand giving customer confidence and warranty and support, not a one man show. Customers want confidence in a product and company that they can return at any time for support and backup. We have a national service centre available to any customer.
  • Training & Support - We know our products back to front, every product is evaluated and tested and all the tips and tricks, we pass it all on to you. You have technical support and advice at your fingertips.
  • Administration Support - You don't even have to establish your own administration. Your support branch will handle all the front office end for you. We have all of your price lists, computer files and quote systems.
  • Research & Development - It is like having your own R&D department. We are constantly evaluating and testing new products and ideas to keep the network up to date and at the forefront.
  • Ongoing Support & Interaction - All of the above is ongoing - that's the benefit of a network or a cooperative. You get to work in your business whilst we work on it.

Is this a franchise? - No! You secure a licence to trade as an Automatic Solutions licensed agent. There are no royalty fees, no franchise fees, and no up front payment to become an agent.


The major requirement of agents is honesty and integrity when dealing with customers and support staff. You have a complete support network and existing advertising and marketing base.


The best idea is to use the form below to make an initial enquiry regarding your particular area. Our head office will research your region and respond within a couple of days. If you prefer you can use the download links below for further information.

Down load further information documents here.

Download an installer licence application form here.

Automatic Solutions Agent Enquiry Form

Simply fill in the form and submit. We will contact you shortly to respond to your enquiry. Thank you for your interest.

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